2023 TYE High Performance Electric dirt bike for adults


  • 2023 New Model -TY
  • 100% Electric Powertrain
  • Unparalleled Power
  • Smart Tech
  • Minimal Noise
  • Low-Maintenance



  • Off-Road Electric Motorcycles
    Phenomenal Dirt eBike
    All New Electric Technology
  • Unprecedented Power
    Peak Power:  22000W
    Wheel Torque:1000N.M
  • Enjoy Speedy Acceleration
    Top Speed:  125Km/h
  • Brushless Direct Current Motor
    Special Tailor-made for off-road
    Mid-mounted Motor
    Four-speed Switching
    Accelerate fast,
    Air-cooled,Easy to dissipate heat
  • Intelligent Controller
    The most advanced intelligent variable frequency Tech
    Starting torque is large, start fast, and stable, more linear silent operation more accurate to give users excellent experience.
  • Suspension System
    Advanced MNT BRAND
    hydraulic shock absorber, custom-made special inverted front fork, using advanced MNT WP technology, adjustable in height, suitable for different off-road scenes, greatly improving the practicality, and bringing out the performance of the motorcycle to the fullest
    Rear suspension: hydraulic shock absorber, adopting mature technology progressive damping suspension, adjustable in height, suitable for different off-road scenes
  • Battery Pack
    Effective Battery Pack ,Fast Charging
    Leading CATL Lithium ion Battery
    High Energy, High Efficiency, Safe & Reliable
    Advanced Smart BMS system Connect with Blue tooth
  • Frame
    All-aluminum Alloy Design
    Strong and Tough Frame
    Weight:108kg (238 lbs with Battery)
    Max Loading  150kg    (330 lbs)
  • Tires
    High-quality Tires for Off-Road
    Front Tire:(80/100—21)
    Rear Tire:(110/90—18)
  • Brake System
    Hydraulic Disc Brake
  • Explore and Discover
    Climbing Angle Over 50°
    Adapt to various off-road conditions




  • Mid-mounted,BLDC Motor with Four-speed Forward Gears
  • Peak Power(KW)22
  • Wheel Peak Torque(N)1000
  • Voltage (V) 72
  • Rated Power(KW)3



  • Lithium Battery CATL 72V 50Ah/60Ah/40Ah
  • Battery Rated Voltage (V) 72
  • Battery Rated Capacity(A)40Amp-Hour
  • Peak output Current(A) 300
  • Continuous output Current(A) 150
  • Charging Time (H) 3-4H
  • Range (KM) 150



  • Controller MCU72500
  • Front Suspension Adjustable MNT BRAND
  • Rear Suspension Adjustable MNT BRAND
  • Front&Rear Brake Hydraulic Disc Brake



  • Frame 6061 Forge Aluminium Alloy+Metal Q345B
  • Rear Fork Aluminium Alloy
  • Front&Rear Rim 7116 code Alloy
  • Front&Rear Hub Cast
  • HandleBar Aluminium Alloy
  • Brake & Clutch Laver Aluminium Alloy
  • Steering Aluminium Alloy 7075
  • Drive Chain 520
  • Drive Sprocket Steal
  • Front&Rear Disc Brake Pad CD.Copper.Base
  • Display Meter LCD
  • All set of Light LED


  • Size(mm)2120*840*1225
  • Wheelbase(mm)1424
  • Seat Hight(mm)900
  • Ground Clearance(mm)318
  • Front&Rear Tire 80/100-21,110/90-18
  • Weight(Kg)108
  • Carrying Capacity(Kg)150





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